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The Athlete



Zander Shine was born and raised in the desert of Arizona.

Since a very young age, he was always drawn to surfing, photography & extreme sports. Moving to Los Angeles in 2017- to pursue passions for adventure & his other loves and passions in life.

Zander realized his passion was to also be behind the camera, directing and producing as well as being in front of it. Currently, Zander now travels around the globe working with companies both large and small to produce jaw dropping content for marketing purposes. Having fun has always been his main goal, while also allowing the brand to gain access to a lifestyle most could only dream of. Be sure to follow Zander to stay up with his travels.

Exploring the world opened his mind to the beauty of life and introduced him to so many amazing people and ideas.

He documents his  experiences by living his own life, creating rad adventures & pushing the creative limits of lifestyle filmmaking as he travels the globe. 

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